What we do

Game design

We design games in 2D and 3D and animate graphics using years of creative design experience. We have designed slots, scratch cards, casino table games and multiplayer games

Game development

Our front-end developers build in HTML5 only to easily port content across platforms. Our back-end team develop in numerous forms of code including Java, Python and Golang

Game maths

We use several game mathematicians who have worked in the industry for years covering both online and retail content for some of the major game providers. We aim to ensure the maths profile matches the exact target audience

Web design

We have experience designing websites for gambling companies. We can take your assets and guide or consult you as to some of the best portal layouts for gaming operators

Multiplayer Gaming

Our solution caters for both ‘Single’ and ‘Multiplayer’ gaming from our Multiplayer Pari-Mutuel and Fixed Odds Bingo/Keno/Lotto products to our unique ‘Spin Along’ solution.


If you are looking to create unique content on your site over a competitor let us come up with a whole bunch of game ideas to transform your business and make you an industry leader


We pride ourselves on ensuring we conform to the latest UXI standards for any type of platform or device we are working to. We can assist in helping you review your products and adjust your interfaces to make your user flow more effective


Once we create anything for our partners the work doesn’t just stop there. We pride ourselves on creating long term partnerships by analysing product launches and continually refining and reshaping our solutions to get maximum ROI


We can cover all forms of business consultancy including UXI, design services, Product Management, Business Analysis, Business Transformation, Overall company strategy and vision.

About Us

Mutuel Play Ltd was founded in October 2016 with the purpose of developing unique and bespoke content for the online and retail gaming sectors. We develop games in HTML5 so that the games can be ported across any platform and device with relative ease and mobile is always at the forefront of our minds when producing games for players.

We like to work closely with our operators to try and ensure that the games get the best chance of success. We collaborate on all areas of design and development from concept initialisation all the way through to user testing before launch. Our aim is to create the best content for the right type of audience our operators are targeting.

We like to innovate with our content and try to introduce a unique feature with every game we launch focusing on areas that will increase player time on device, increased number of re-visits and the overall perceived entertainment value.

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    Our Games

    Reel Match™

    reels, slot, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Lotto Dream™

    champagne, yaht, gems, money, tropical island, sports car
    Click Image to View Demo


    chocolate, cake, factory, chocolatier, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Burger Blitz™

    burger, ice-cream, chips, cola, fast food, ketchup, mustard
    Click Image to View Demo

    Go Go Bingo™

    party, champagne, present, heart, shuffles, teddybear, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    The Singer™

    singer, drum, guitar, microphone, headphones, record, trophy, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Cosmic Fusion™ - Lightning Reels™

    cosmic, space, planets, gems, spaceship, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Candy Burst™ - Lightning Reels™

    candy, sweets, scientist, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Indiana Stones™

    Indiana, adventure, pyramid, ancient, stones, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    Party Xtra™

    party, champagne, present, heart, shuffles, teddybear, slot, casino, gambling
    Click Image to View Demo

    The Snowman™

    snow man, the snow man, bells, Christmas, decoration, dog, snow, cabin, royals, raindeer
    Click Image to View Demo

    Bingo Millions™ - Lucky Slot™

    Click Image to View Demo
    Click Image to View Demo

    Gemtasia™ - Lightning Reels™

    Click Image to View Demo
    Click Image to View Demo

    Golden Ticket Vegas™

    slot bingo vegas golden balls win wild seven chip cards pattern
    Click Image to View Demo

    The Voice

    the voice victory hand mic microphone royals chair spin slot fun play game
    Click Image to View Demo

    Fruit Fusion™ - Lightning Reels™

    fruit fusion lightning reels cheery melon grape wild
    Click Image to View Demo

    Multiplier Mine

    mine miner jewels cart
    Click Image to View Demo

    Cash 'n Cannons

    medieval slot game
    Click Image to View Demo

    Fields O'Clover

    leprechaun game
    Click Image to View Demo

    A Ladd 'n a Lamp

    genie Aladdin
    Click Image to View Demo

    Candy Burst

    candy burst slot game fun sweets exciting
    Click Image to View Demo

    Legend of Daruma

    daruma legend fan coin lotus flower dragon royal asian game slot
    Click Image to View Demo

    The Showman

    the showman slot magician magic hat cards rabbit hat guillotine handcuffs
    Click Image to View Demo

    The Wild Mob

    slot squirrel sling shot drill money bag re-spin spin free diamond sloth meerkat bank robbery car mini cooper getaway driver dynamite wild safe gold crowbar
    Click Image to View Demo

    Lumberjack Cash

    lumberjack cash lumberjack cash wood forest beaver Jill bear free free spins slot win big win mega win ultra win jack nudges nudges Pete pete's wild pete's wild bonus big bonus
    Click Image to View Demo

    Cosmic Fusion

    cosmic fusion cosmic fusion slot game win star planet space supernova mutuel play fun meg win ultra win outer gems sun moon
    Click Image to View Demo

    Read all About it

    read all about it newspaper news sport cherry kiss replicating reels bonus free spins spin free mutuel play mutuel play slot bar bonus spin print print machine scatter wilds
    Click Image to View Demo

    Splatter Cake

    splatter cake splatter cake slot big win mega win win ultra win free free spins clear symbols pick a cake pick bonus victoria sponge battenberg chocolate cake fondant fancy wedding cake spin spins
    Click Image to View Demo

    Juicy Fruity

    juicy fruity juicy fruit fruits apple cherry strawberry melon bar joker one hand bandit lemon fruit bar bonus round bonus round triple fill
    Click Image to View Demo


    Rhys Owen


    Rhys Owen
    Rhys has over 12 years experience in the gambling sector both in retail and online having worked for Gala Bingo halls, Gala Coral Interactive, Virtue Fusion, Playtech, GeoLotto, Bede Gaming and Geco Gaming before founding Mutuel Play Ltd.

    Paul Spencer

    Senior Developer

    Paul Spencer
    Paul has worked in the online gambling industry for over 13 years for companies including Dynamite Idea, Boss Media, GTech and GECO Gaming before becoming Mutuel Play’s first employee in 2016.

    Krishna Gurung


    Krishna Gurung
    Krishna has been developing software solutions for various industries for over 5 years. He holds strong interest in developing HTML5 games for mobile and desktop devices.

    Joseph O'Neill


    Joe has spent the last few years working locally to the Mutuel office at LexisNexis as a Software Developer. During his time there he gained some experience in AWS and decided to make the change into a DevOps role.

    Rytis Bieliunas

    Chief Architect

    Rytis Bieliunas Photo
    Rytis contracts with Mutuel Play to support the development of the platform from his home in Kaunas, Lithuania. Rytis has worked in the gaming sector for nearly a decade initially involved with Bede Gaming and helping develop their infrastructure tools and Bingo platform.

    Spin Along™


    Spin Along is a brand new and exciting way for players to play along with their favourite Streamers and experience the same excitement of winnings when the Streamer does. The solution is game agnostic so once integrated with the Operators wallet solution Spin Along can be played alongside any game title. There is so much flexibility and so many ways of utilising the Spin Along solution that Operators can use Spin Along as a great way of acquiring new players, especially Millennials and keep them retained on your site with the stickiness associated with a player watching their favourite Streamers.

    The tool is set up so that anyone can begin to Stream so an Operator can even have a Celebrity run a special Spin Along session showcasing brand new games and running a giveaway to entice a whole suite of new players to sign up at your website. Keep an eye out for brand new features and products that we will be launching over the next couple of years expanding the tools and games features of Spin Along to make it even more engaging and exciting for players to play along with.


    Blueprint Gaming teams-up with Mutuel Play for exclusive content

    Announcement from Blueprint Gaming below: We are extremely pleased to announce confirmation of a formal partnership arrangement with Mutuel Play, creator of innovative slots and gaming products since 2016. The partnership will see Mutuel play deliver exclusive online content which will be distributed via Blueprint’s established infrastructure. “I am very pleased to announce this new […]

    Mutuel Play launches new exciting Multiplayer Casino experience

    Mutuel Play has once again raised the bar by launching a groundbreaking and innovative Pari-Mutuel hybrid game called Reel Match™. The first themed version of the game is The Voice UK™, based on the highly popular slot game developed exclusively for Buzz Group Limited. The game encompasses several chances for a player to win, including […]

    18 Exclusive Slots and counting

    Mutuel Play has successfully launched its 18 th UK exclusive slot game to Buzz Group Limited. Having initially delivered slot games via partner platforms like Geco Gaming and Leander, in 2019 Mutuel Play made the move to develop slots onto its own proprietary Remote Gaming Server, of which there are now 10 titles, as well […]

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