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Mutuel Play has been working on a whole new way for players to play games and has
released the first of several new products that enable players to bet along with a video Streamer.
The first of these solutions is called, ‘Spin Along’, and does exactly what it says on the tin, players can
literally ‘Spin’ along with their favourite Streamers, or even someone an operator has got in to run a
new game launch campaign like a celebrity.

Once integrated to an operators back end solution Mutuel Play is able to take a Streamers data feed
and create a betting facility for other players who are watching to be part of the same game play
experience. This means that when the Streamer wins, so do all the players who have spun along. The
product is game agnostic so is capable of being played alongside any third party game on an
operators website.

Mutuel Play have long been fans of the Twitch Casino Streamer community, watching some of the
big name Streamers like CasinoDaddy and Letsgiveitaspin from CasinoGrounds. Initially this was for
market research purposes, but then it dawned on us that the entertainment experience could be
greatly enhanced if the viewers could experience the same win experiences as the Streamer.
Spin Along has been in development for just under a year and Mutuel Play believes it will prove
hugely popular with Streamers, Operators, Suppliers and Players.
If you are an Operator interested in more information, please get in contact with Mutuel Play via the
contact page about how Spin Along can help you with your acquisition and retention activities.”