Rhys Owen sets up Mutuel Play Ltd

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Today Rhys Owen has founded a new business, Mutuel Play Ltd, with a view to bringing to life his New Product Ideas and getting them out to market. Rhys has a wealth of experience in the gaming sector and feels now is the right time to start up something on his own.

Rhys Owen had this to say about the new company, “It has always been my dream to start up a new company, I’ve tried a few in the past that didn’t really go anywhere but this time feels like everything is lining up perfectly. I have already managed to get a deal to produce a suite of bespoke titles and work on a new interface. Having just left GECO Gaming after Playtech merged the office we had with their other London business units I decided it was time to move on rather than take up another permanent role. I have lucked out as a few former colleagues were also on the hunt for a new job and they have just the right skillsets that I need to deliver the initial set of projects.

I am dead excited about the prospects of the business and where it can eventually go. I want to be a disruptor and launch all sorts of new and exciting games whilst also bringing about new features to existing games. The hard work starts here!”