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Mutuel Play employees let their hair down a bit to attend the EAG conference at ExCel, London on the 18th January 2017. The trip had two primary goals, firstly to give everyone the chance to see the latest retail pub fruity, AWP and SWP games and secondly, to sample the latest arcade games.

Mutuel Play is in the midst of developing some new online games with a view to converting those games for retail and it was a worthwhile exercise reviewing the latest content from the likes of Projectcoin, Blue Print, Reflex Gaming, Electrocoin, Astra, EntNet and many more. Rhys Owen, Director had this to say about the games on offer, “I’m a big fan of old skool pub fruity’s having played them a lot when I was younger. Things tend to move a bit slower in this area compared to video slots but I suspect there’s a lot of innovation happening in the back end. I was particular impressed with Ace Technology’s three C category games linked via a B3 feature reel on top. It is great to see disruptors thinking of ways to enhance the gaming experience for players whilst giving licensees more £500 jackpot machines.”

The team also participating in the Sega Olympics where they pitted themselves against one another in ‘Archery’ and ‘Sprinting’. Rhys took victory in both events before crashing out early in the Daytona race by accidentally going into the pits.